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Forum Announcement: Posting A New Thread

All Leak Posts must have a preview image and useable content. Non Leak Topics/Threads do not need a preview image.

To post a new thread select the 'New Topic Button on either the top or bottom of the selected forum.

You can use the [preview ] tag if you choose, but the tag isn't compulsory, but make sure to include at least 1 preview image or the thread may be rejected or removed. Use a file host like Mega.NZ for file uploading. Upload a preview image using the 'Add A Preview' button. You can hide links using the [hide][/hide] tags.

You must ensure your shared content complies with the forum rules. If you are using the word Teen in your submission you MUST make sure it is 18+. CP is strictly not allowed as per our rules. You must also ensure that the content is being shared in the right section.

You can use the following code: